Hockey Pitch Maintenance

Hockey being a fast sport using a hard ball it is critical the surface is maintained well and properly and is generally either a sand filled or sand dressed short pile type of artificial sports surface.

For Hockey to be played properly the surface needs to provide good slip resistance, smooth ball role, good drainage and be clean to make it safe and maximise the enjoyment of playing.

For these reasons the top of the pile needs to be agitated to provide maximum grip and the sand infill needs requires to be maintained level.

The artificial Sports Turf requires frequent drag brushing and agitation but also requires additional the support of occasional power brushing and top cleaning to maximise performance.

These types of artificial surface are more susceptible to dirt ingress, moss and algae contamination, therefor require additional specialist maintenance in support of regular brushing to manage and minimise wear and damage and ensure continued porosity and fast drainage and maximise the life of your playing surface.

At Sports And Courts Maintenance we provide all aspects of maintenance to avoid problems that may occur and can provide answers to many issues.

These include power sweeping, top-cleaning, deep-cleaning, renovation, moss and algae control etc.

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