Athletic Track Maintenance

Polymeric Athletic tracks require maintenance to maximise their slip resistance. Preserve the quality and keep a high level of porosity for fast drainage of surface water.

By nature polymeric rubber surfaces get dirty fast and retain dust, dirt and detritus from consistent surrounding environmental contribution. This can be a combination of many things. Tree pollen and sap, vehicle exhaust particulates, rain dirt particles, grass cuttings and users walking dirt on to the surface. Put together all this provides a great growing medium for Algae and moss to add to the mix of issues.

It does not take long for the surface to begin to look black and dirty, loose its slip resistance making it unsafe and porosity with slow drainage and flooding.

At Sports and Courts we use the Hydro-fast system which is a combination of high pressure washing and power brushing to remove all types of ingrained surface dirt contamination and deep pore cleaning to maximise porosity and drainage.

We combine this with regular treatments of an organic application to control Algae and moss infestation.

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