3G Pitch Maintenance

3G Pitches are primarily used for Football and Rugby and designed to replicate longer grass sports surfaces. These types of pitches require very regular basic maintenance of surface drag brushing but also interim specialist maintenance is required.

It is vital the rubber crumb infill is kept level and even to support the longer pile of the polypropylene grass so as to maintain ball speed and roll and minimise wear of the carpet. This what a minimum weekly drag brush achieves.

In addition to this rubber crumb infill is moved around the pitch through just playing sports on the surface causing it to be uneven over the whole pitch and poor support to the carpet pile. By not maintaining the infill levels correctly will cause increased and premature wear of the artificial grass reducing the life span of the carpet.

In addition to regular surface brushing all 3G pitches need power brushing and top cleaning or renovating to support the regular drag brushing. This is essential to maintain equal levels over the whole surface and de-compact the top layer of rubber infill and remove surface contaminants plus keep the pile of the carpet in order.

Deep cleaning on an annual basis is strongly recommended as this de-compacts the rubber crumb to its base maximising porosity and stands up the pile of the carpet. Most importantly this process removes dust, dirt and detritus including large contaminants such as broken carpet strands and fibres, bottle tops, hair grips, stones, glass shards and a multitude of foreign objects that potentially are dangerous or detrimental.

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