MUGA Maintenance

By their nature of purpose Multi Use Games Area’s receive the most intense use and high level of foot traffic due to multiple sports being played on a single surface large or small.

This is from up to 4 players for Tennis to 14 players for Netball or Football and if there is only a single courts or pitches marked out.

All users and players contribute to the level of compaction of infill, flattening and wear of the pile of the carpet, and transference of dirt, dust and detritus into the surface.

The infill will become contaminated from particles of the environment settling on the surface and being walked or transferred to the surface with use from players.

This along with compaction slowly blocks the drainage holes in the carpet creating bad porosity and slow drainage issues after normal rain fall or that can reach a critical point of flooding and silting making the surface unplayable.

Using our services this can all be avoided saving money, loss of use of a surface and maximising the life and enjoyment of your MUGA.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any information, guidance or support.